Succulent Necklace Kit | Live succulent Included

Succulent Necklace Kit | Live succulent Included

This Succulent Planter Necklace will keep you close to nature all day long. The pot is made of permeable terracotta clay which prevents over watering. The chain is made of natural hemp fiber. This necklace arrives in a metal gift tin and includes:

1 - Plants Are Friends Necklace
1 - Instructions and Care Guide
3 - Live succulents (includes back-ups for your garden)
4 - Soil-free rooting substrate cubes to hold water and nutrients.
1 - Bag of slow release plant food that contains essential nutrients and trace elements for growth without soil.

All Plants Are Friends necklaces come with chia seeds so you can grow chia plants, or anything else that fits in this little pot.

This is designed to be the cutest gift you have ever given. If you want to include a gift note, or deliver before a certain day, just leave the instructions at checkout.

Succulents are harvested the morning I ship your order. They will start sprouting new roots over the next couple weeks, just in time for you to plant them in their new home.

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